life get’s better

It’s October 2011 when I know that I cant go on living like this,

Just working to pay the bills taking off one to pay the other.

No more left to put on any of the c/cards. No food it the flat.

Where do I turn. Go online put in the word debt and that starts a lot of reading.

DMP not for me looked into that 2 years ago, then put my head back in the sand. (not a good move)

BR would lose my flat. No way I worked to hard to just give that up.

Then I read about a IVA well that may work for me.

After thinking about it, reading more and more, but not doing anything. I picked the phone up and talk with a company, from the word go it was push push push. Not letting me think it over.

Head put back in the sand, won’t pick the phone up. That will be some debt company or other asking for payment.

Then I find the IVA forum read lots of posts, ask some things,

Get lots of replies saying talk to a few IVA Company’s, its free.

Well which one, to I call first. Read more, there is one company that stands out for me. Its Melanie Giles.

I ring the number and mouth dry I tell the person why I’m calling.

Tina replies, asking some questions about me, what I was looking for. It was hard telling some one. I don’t know what a mess I was in. With no pushing she runs though my options.

A IVA could work, so we run though my I&E and work out the sums.

After a few email and phone calls, I tell Tina I would like to go ahead with a IVA. But thinking my life was going to me put on hold for five years.

Six to eights weeks after the first call, is the date of the Creditors meeting. I’m thinking it going to me a no,

but that afternoon I get the call. it’s a yes,

I could not be more happy.




The first six months go well, am getting used to saving money on what ever I can. But there is someone I need to talk with tell her am sorry.

After some time I find her name on face book.

(ok I was not spelling it right) I send her a message then one night am online, when she reply’s, we talk online a few times. Then she ask if I would like to meet up. I was always hoping she would ask, but seeing it in print in front on me. (wow) I had not seen her for eight years ( had no debts then)

We worked out a date I was of work, as time got near, she called it off, saying she had to do some thing. Was she getting cold feet?

Would we meet some other time, I was down, till we talked again.

A new date was worked out. The day came and I started a 50 miles drive into the unknown. Would we get on, what would I say.

Setting in my car outside her door, with some flowers. Do I take them in, are there over the top. I knock on the door and Vicky open it. I see her lovely smile, give her the flowers and walk in.

It was a great day, I sill liked her, but did she sill like me?

Well we meet a few times and my feeling for her, were sill there.

I had to ask her, if she would go out with me on a date again.

Which I did and got a yes. It was hard driving a 100 mile round trip having to save more money on food to buy the petrol. Vicky sill never know about my IVA. Her birthday was coming up and she was having a big party, all the family and friends would be coming and she ask me to go as her boyfriend. Life is getting better my the day.

Then BANG I lost my job. How was I going to live or pay my IVA?

I had to phone Vicky and tell her. She was there to support me. I had to come clean and tell her about my IVA. She knew what it was and talked with me about what I could do. Help me right a email to my IP tell them I had no job and could not keep up my payments.

Two months later, I got a new job, sill could not pay the iva payments or keep the payments up on my flat and pay the bills.

BR was the only way out I could see, I did not like it but there was nothing I could do. Then my IP come up with a plan.

If I could sale my flat and make a f&f offer it could save my iva and let me set up again. This was looked into and it could work.

A Creditors meeting date was set, in just under a year I was again thinking it would be a no. No matter how many time I looked at the paper work, seeing the creditors would get nil in BR and 19p in the £ with my offer. My head was saying it’s a no to my offer.

But my IP work her magic and it was a says. All I had to do now was sell the flat. Put it on the market at a low price.

Me and Vicky were getting a lot closer , I had found a job nearer to her

And was staying there most of the time. I had a new question to ask Vicky. Will you Marry ME.

Which I did on one knee on xmas eve in front of her family.

Her reply after only say well you. Was YES

The ring in my hand give it away she tells me.

But no buyer after four mouths. took £2000 off the price.

Ip company were fine, then in feb I got a buyer lower offer, But the f&f payment could sill me made from the sale.

The f&f payment has now been paid over and we are now living together and looking forward to getting Married on the 17th May 2014.









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